Asian-American Woman Starts Crowdfunding for White People to Pay for Her Wha?

Apparently, living around so many white people is making Rinna Rem sick. And she wants those very same white people to pay for it — literally. That’s right. Rem sees a therapist once a month and it costs her $100 a session. She believes that white people are the ones responsible for her depression, so they should contribute to her crowdfunding campaign so she doesn’t pay out of pocket for her psychological care.

Rem, who is of Thai-Cambodian descent, lives in Portland, Oregon, a predominantly white neighborhood. After suffering ‘institutional racism’ for most of her life, she decided to launch a crowdfunding page, telling white people: ‘Now it’s your turn to pay.’ And she’s not kidding.

On the fundraising page, which is called “White Friends, Pay For My Therapy,” she wrote:

“Dear white friends, I grew up in and live in the [Portland] area.The stress of living as a Thai-Cambodian woman in such a white city replete with constant interpersonal and institutional racism has a big toll on my health and wellbeing. I see an amazing therapist to cope with this s**t, but I spend $100/month on therapy for bi-weekly appointments. Now it’s your turn to pay! I want to live a healthy, happy life. I want to have a healthy, happy family in the future too. Help me pay for therapy to deal with the stress of racism. Please don’t let racism shorten my life or kill me.”

When people suggest that Rem move out of Portland instead of trying to get white people to pay her bills, she responds that they are racist and that telling her to leave Portland is no different from telling foreigners “go back to your country.” She strongly feels she shouldn’t be asked to leave her hometown, where she grew up, as well as her family who still lives there.

Rem’s original goal was to raise $1200 for her shrink bills, but she’s already surpassed that target. Besides, she decided to double her goal after suffering abuse in the comments section of the crowdfunding page.

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