This Looks Like an Ordinary Beach… Until You Hit 0:34 Seconds

We love everything about the beach: from playing in the water to relaxing on the soft sand and watching all the hotties (or notties) walking around in swimsuits.

But the one thing that really takes our breath away is when nature consumes such a beautiful setting. Whether it’s a sudden tropical storm or massive waves that seemingly swell up from out of nowhere, we love gasping at Mother Nature’s raw power. And that is why the video above is so awesome.

YouTube user tmjmccormack shot it at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. This is a beautiful beach that’s protected due to a natural barrier. However, when you get to 0:34 seconds you’ll be stunned by what happens — barrier or no barrier.

Interestingly, this video of waves in Puerto Rico was shot in 2010, and there was evidently some massively bad weather that year as well. Perhaps this was the precursor — we’re not sure. On the Puerto Rico Day Trips website we found this note:

NOTE: With the rough weather we had in early 2010, there were massive waves that came up and over the wave breaks and destroyed the buildings and parking areas. They have finished repairing/replacing the facilities in 2015. Note 5/15- We recently went and the beach has been cleaned and the bathrooms and showers are open.

So, the good news? You can go and visit it for yourself. But check the weather and be smart. You don’t to accidentally get hurt while checking someone out, do you?