Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell So Horrible?

After enjoying a delicious meal with a side of asparagus, have you ever went to the bathroom and noticed that your urine smelled funny? Not to worry — this happens to pretty much everyone. Well, except those folks who happen to digest asparagus differently than the rest of us. For them, the horribly foul odor of the sulfurous compounds are usually never detected.

So, why does this particular vegetable have such a strange impact on the scent of everyone else’s pee? It all comes down to science.

Apparently, our bodies end up converting the asparagusic acid found in the fleshy green spears into sulfur-containing chemicals. This asparagusic acid is actually only found in asparagus. Thank goodness.

Although it may take a few hours for the vegetable to produce these stinky effects after eating it, some people have detected the scent just 15-30 minutes afterwards.

If the smell is too much to handle, it is suggested that you clip off the tip of asparagus before eating it, since that’s where the majority of these odorous compounds are located.