Asteroid that ‘Could Cause Disaster’ Headed Toward Earth on Christmas Eve

The newest asteroid being tracked due to its close proximity to earth is colossal. It’s so huge that some claim its gravitational pull could cause earthquakes and make volcanoes erupt. Ironically, it’s expected to just barely skim past Earth on Christmas eve.

The 1.5 mile wide slab of rock – known as 2003 SD220 – is so large it could potentially wipe out a continent in the case of a direct hit.

NASA is currently tracking the movements of this and 16 other asteroids that could cause grave danger if they were impact our planet. Also, scientists believe these asteroids are larger than first assumed because they’ve been shrouded in darkness and hard to observe in their entirety.

This asteroid should not be confused with what conspiracy theorists are saying about a mysterious Planet X, four times the size of Jupiter, they claim will pass the Earth this month.

Even though NASA is pretty certain asteroid 2003 SD220 will miss Earth by 6.7 million miles, experts are concerned that the effect known as Yarkovsky drift could alter its orbit.

We can only hope that this asteroid doesn’t interfere with Santa’s journey from the North Pole and doesn’t change its course.

Apparently, NASA is tracking the movements of a huge asteroid that's expected to skim past the Earth Christmas Eve… in First to Know's Hangs on LockerDome

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