Aston Martin Releases the $2.3 Million Vulcan and It’s Ridiculously Badass

Despite the fact that we’ll probably never be able to afford an Aston Martin, let alone be allowed to test-drive one, we can say that the automaker’s newly released Vulcan is one ridiculously badass vehicle.

In a statement, Aston Martin said:

Aston Martin Vulcan is, by its very nature, a rare and thrilling supercar. Designed and engineered to deliver a genuinely bespoke driving experience that draws on our rich heritage, this car tailors its power and handling to both the capabilities of the driver and the characteristics of the track.

Happen to have an extra $2.3 million hanging out in your bank account? If so, you can own a Vulcan. There will only be 24 cars, both special and limited edition, ever made.