WATCH: Astronauts Playing with a Soccer Ball in Space is Ridiculously Cool

Who says soccer is solely a land sport? Around 230 miles away from Earth on the International Space Station, Commander Steven Swanson, and his crew Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst, busted out a camera and mini soccer ball in honor of the World Cup kick-off in Brazil.

They recorded themselves kicking around and passing the ball to each other and doing bicycle kicks — all in zero gravity! At one point the camera shows Swanson on the receiving end of a pass, only for Gerst to lunge and intercept the ball like a goalie would in a real game.

In a message directed to everyone on Earth, Gerst wishes “all the teams and fans on the ground in Brazil a great World Cup” on behalf of those aboard the International Space Station and to “have fun and have peaceful games; may the best win.”

Although Swanson and Reid are from the United States and Gerst is from Germany, they will all be watching the games unfold together in space.

Above is a quick news report on the event, and below is the full video.