Explorers Discover Atlantis’ Legendary Metal in 2,600-Year-Old Shipwreck

According to a Discovery report, explorers have discovered “gleaming cast metal called orichalcum” when they recovered a ship that sunk 2,600 years ago near Sicily.

imgres-1Ancient Greeks spoke often about the rare metal being found in the lost city of Atlantis.

Researchers have concluded the ship was most likely caught in a horrific storm and sunk prior to entering the port of Gela.

“It was found about 1,000 feet from Gela’s coast at a depth of 10 feet,” said Sebastiano Tusa, the superintendent of Sicily’s Sea Office. “Nothing similar has ever been found. We knew orichalcum from ancient texts and a few ornamental objects.”

The Ancient Greeks often cited Cadmus, a Greek-Phoenician mythological character, as the creator of orchalcum metal. Also, Plato asserted that Atlantis once beamed with “the red light of orchalcum.”

The following is a photo of the excavated metals:

atlantis metal found on shipwreck

According to legend, the metal was used on Poseidon’s temple walls, floors, and columns.

This is the shipwreck in which explorers made their discovery:


According to Discovery, the metal was analyzed by Dario Panetta with X-ray fluorescence. He found that the metal is an alloy composed of “75-80 percent copper, 15-20 percent zinc and small percentages of nickel, lead and iron.”

Researchers plan to excavate the shipwreck and work to further understand the materials it held.

Does this prove Atlantis did in fact exist? No one can be certain, but maybe it can lead us to the truth.

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