August: The Most Useless Month?

David Plotz of Slate magazine writes an annual article (a very funny one) about why he hates August, and how he thinks we should eliminate it permanently from the calendar. He makes a good argument, but I have my own reasons for keeping August around, and below are my top three.

Sure, this technically started at the very end of July this year, but I didn’t get to start catching up on all the games until a few days in. And, the fact that the Olympics are only here for two weeks every four years makes August an eagerly anticipated month. (This year, anyway!) The 2012 Olympics conclude on August 12.

I’ve been out of school for quite some time, but I still love buying stuff for work and home like highlighters, binders, pens, paper clips, day planners (get the idea?) for about 90% off, only in the month of August. In fact, pretty much everything from home supplies (for dorm room living) to clothes (for the young and the older) are a fantastic deal. There’s no better time to stock up!

Plotz might consider this a cop-out, but September is a big month to prepare for-you’ve got the 3-day weekend of Labor Day, then back-to-school, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (if you observe those holidays) and my family always takes their annual vacation in September. I need August just to plan for it all!

Sometimes, we just need a break from the hubbub that every month brings, and August allows us that break.