Awesome Little Snowboarding Dude Brings the Sport Indoors

If you’re a winter-loving snowboarder or skier, then you know that feeling of wanting to be on the slopes all day, every day. But for those of us who can’t live that kind of lifestyle, we can only day dream about tearing up on the mountains and shredding some serious powder.

A duo of brothers took that day dreaming one step further and brought snowboarding into their everyday life…well, sort of.

Stephen and Paul Gemignani are the guys behind this really cool stop motion film titled Paper Shredder, which features a tiny paper figure treating a regular room as his personal snowboarding heaven. It shows the figure coming out of a boa snowboarding boot, going up the outlet wire “chair lift,” and riding the terrain as he jumps over stuffed toys, flies past vodka bottles, carves down books, and does tricks on laptop keyboards, toothpaste tubes and baseball hats.

The creators explained the unique filming process started off with one of the brothers actually riding his snowboard while the other one photographed him. “Then we printed each frame of the sequences on paper and cut out the rider from each one, which we used to re-create the sequences with different backdrops, creating the stop animation effect used in the video,” they explained.

We love riding the mountains come snow season, but we’ll admit that this video made staying indoors look like a pretty cool option for once.

Check out the Paper Shredder doing his thing: