34 Awesome Tree Houses That Make Us Want to Be Kids Again

How amazing are these tree houses? Some of them seem to twist the laws of physics, while others are simply whimsical.

As kids, most of you probably dreamed of having a tree house of your very own. Unfortunately, you were probably like us and never actually had one in your backyard.

Yes, we’ll admit it: We were totally jealous of the neighbor kids whose dad hand-built them amazing top-secret clubs in the branches of ancient oak trees. Actually, we’re still feeling a bit envious.

Today, tree houses act as both imaginary play spaces for children and luxury accommodations for adults.

But despite the variety, one thing is for certain: Every single one of them has the power to bring out the kid in you.

Check out the slideshow above for 34 of the most awesome tree houses from around the world.

Every kid loves a tree house. We can be kids for a day, can’t we?