News Anchor’s Reaction to Ringing Phone is Painfully Awkward and Extremely Hilarious

We’ve all experienced knee-jerk reactions when we respond to a situation before we’ve had a chance to fully assess it.

The news anchor in the clip above experienced that in front of an audience, which now includes the entire internet. During the middle of what we assume was a report, the journalist’s phone started ringing and sent him into panic mode as he desperately tried to make the sound just go away.

However, instead of turning it off or sending the call to voicemail, he did the first thing that came to mind and flung it across the room to get it as far away as possible. What followed immediately after was instant regret and an uncomfortable attempt to continue on with the report.

We have to give kudos to both the poor guy and his co-anchor for trying to keep a straight face, but there was no getting away from this bizarre moment. Our advice to anyone who may find himself experiencing something like this in the future: acknowledge the moment, laugh at it and just move on. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Check out the video above and jump to the 11-second mark for the moment of action.