These Awkward Family Portraits with Pets Will Make You Cringe

We’ve seen our share of embarrassing and awkward family photos — heck, we’ve even been featured in them (against our will, of course. Thanks, mom and dad) — but there’s something extra sad about awkward family photos that have pets as the focal point.

We’re not sure why. Maybe it’s because unlike humans — who can at least grow up,look back at their poorly thought-out images and laugh along with others — these animals will never have a chance to redeem themselves. No, these pictures will be laughed at forever and the poor cats, dogs, pigs and other critters will never be able to roll their eyes and say “yeah, man. That was all my parent’s idea. Mom and dad were weird.”

Nope, they’ll always serve as laughter fodder for as long as these images are around. The video above, courtesy of Buzzfeed, shows some of the worst of the worst.

So, for the love of animals, check it out, make sure you NEVER do this to your own pets, and then pass it on to friends.