The B-Tourist: An Airplane Privacy Curtain That Will Get You Bitchslapped

With all the hullabaloo raging over the Knee Defender — which stops a person from reclining his or her airplane seat, and got two people kicked off a United flight for fighting with each other — Yahoo! Travel got the amazing idea to post a story called “Ridiculous Travel Accessories That Will Drive Other Passengers Nuts.” We bow to their genius for devising and executing this concept so quickly.

There are bunches of crazy things in that article, but the one we wanted to share with you is the B-Tourist, an airplane privacy curtain that is so incredibly ugly, annoying, and distracting that it will do nothing other than make your fellow passengers hate you. And mock you. And take photos of you to post on social media so that websites like First to Know can post them and mock you and hate you further.

Here’s how Yahoo! writer Brittany Jones Cooper described it:

The B-Tourist was designed by graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, a program that clearly encourages anti-social behavior. We admit that the added privacy could be nice for sleeping, reading, or eating, but the entire accessory has some major flaws. First, you have to loop it around the seat in front of you which is sure to p*ss off the person sitting there. Secondly, do you have to unhook the entire thing if someone gets up to go the bathroom? And finally, if the seat behind you has a TV on it, it would be blocked by your stupid tent.

We couldn’t agree more. Check out the slide show above to see how the B-tourist works. Then check out the entire story, which includes a face pillow that makes you look like an alient and sheets for your airplane seat, over on Yahoo! Travel.