Babies with Big Dogs: The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day

Okay, it’s time for your daily dose of “Awww!”

Even the toughest looking dogs end up just being big old softies when it comes to babies.

Several well known breeds originated as “nanny” dogs, prized for their loyalty and protective nature, which is exactly why some people consider Fido their preferred pet for a growing family. And, from the looks of it, size is not an issue when it comes to true friendship. With these gentle giants at their side, it’s safe to say these well-guarded children will grow up with lots of puppy love (and maybe a lot of slobber too).

These buddy duos come in both big and small packages, and we couldn’t get enough of them so we put together a big batch for you to see.

Check out the adorable “Babies with Big Dogs” slideshow above.