This Father Would Have Gotten Away with Grizzly Secret Had a Cable Man Not Made a Chilling Discovery

A 34-year-old father in Cleveland was arrested after a cable technician made a gruesome discovery. The cable man was doing some work in Eric Warfel’s home when he stumbled upon the decomposing body of a baby, still in the crib.

According to news reports from WSPA the body was that of the man’s 21-month-old baby, a daughter named Ember. Based on the advanced level of decomposition—Warfel had apparently placed bags of trash filled with garbage in the room to mask the smell—authorities believe the little girl may have been dead for at least a month.

Warfel had been granted sole custody of the baby his divorce from the child’s mother. The mother reportedly struggled with drug addiction, according to court documents.

Warfel and his ex wife, Malinali Galdamez, had another child who died in infancy back in 2013. The five-month-old was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest, and her death was ruled “sudden unexplained infant death.”

The latest discovery of the decomposing baby is now casting new questions on that infants death as well.

Right now, Warfel is being held on $1 million bond because he is considered a high flight risk.  He has been charged with abuse of a corpse, and authorities continue to investigate the circumstances of the child’s death.