Pakistan Puts 9-Month-Old Baby on Trial for Trying to Murder Police

At nine-months-old, babies are typically improving their fine motor skills and learning to become expert crawlers. They can even coordinate the movement of both hands and are capable of picking up objects.

But how about plotting to murder police by stoning them to death and steal gasoline? Probably not.

So, it seems a bit odd that Muhammad Mosa Khan, a nine-month-old boy also known as “Musa,” appeared in a Pakistani court this week for these charges.

Musa was one of 30 people attempting to steal gas in the city of Lahore, according to police.

His charges, filed on February 1, claim he attacked workers at the state-run company and threw stones at officers.

The infant’s father, who was also accused, argues otherwise. He told the Times of India that the group was protesting against a recent electricity shortage, not trying to steal gas.

“Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality,” he said.

Musa appeared in court and was released on bail until his next hearing on April 12.

Punjab’s Chief Minister requested that “stern action” be taken against those responsible for bringing the case against Musa, which led to the dismissal of the assistant superintendent who filed the charges.