‘Pot Leaf Baby’ – Company Makes Costumes That Horrify Parents

Halloween is a time of year when we can dress up as something we’re not. Sometimes that funny, sometimes scary, but for parents there’s one company in Banning, California that’s absolutely horrifying — but not in the traditional spooky sense.

BrandsOnSale.com produces a Baby Marijuana Costume, more commonly known as the Baby Pot Leaf Costume, as well as a cigarette version for your bouncing bundle of joy. Obviously that’s got some people furious — even though the child won’t likely know that it was wearing the outfit until mom and dad pull out photos to embarrass him or her years later. Nevertheless, many major costume shops are not carrying the outfit, and you’ll have to find it online at BrandsOnSale if you’re interested.

People often chose to wear really controversial costumes on Halloween, such as a couple dressing as Chris Brown and Rihanna in domestic violence bliss, or a Michael Jackson costume outfitted with a small boy doll on his crotch. This year, the owner of BrandsOnSale notes that their most popular costume is the Ebola Containment Suit, which seems to fit the theory that costumes based on controversial subjects feed into our love of dark humor — unless, of course, you know a woman who’s been hit by her husband, a child who’s been molested, or seen someone suffer and die from a horrible disease.

But, compared to those costumes, is the Baby Marijuana Costume really that bad?

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