A Symbol of Hope: 2-Week-Old Baby Rescued from Bombed Building in Syria

This miraculous rescue will make you appreciate life.

Khaled Farah, one of many brave Syrian volunteer rescue workers, has been risking his own life in order to save the lives of others since the beginning of the conflict. With barrel bombs constantly falling from the sky, his job seems never ending — just like the war itself.

One day, the neighborhood of Ansari was attacked by barrel bombs, leaving everything in ruins.

After rescuing a distraught mother and her son, the rescuers discovered that a two-week-old baby was still missing in the rubble. The mother was crying out in distress for fear that he had perished. But the rescuers did not give up hope, they began digging. That’s when they heard one of the most beautiful sounds in the entire world: the baby crying.

For 12 hours, the White Helmets worked frantically to reach him, being careful not to disrupt the the debris and further threaten the baby’s life.

You have to watch the video above for yourself to witness the dramatic and emotional rescue.

Watching this video reminds us of just how fragile life is. All too often we seem to forget the true value of life and how special it really is, taking it for granted each and everyday.

Despite the horrors these volunteer rescue workers face each and every day, hearing their cheers as the baby is pulled from the wreckage makes us question why in the world humanity is waging war against each other in the first place when all we need is love.

Barrel bomb attacks throughout Syria have killed more than 20,000 people since the conflict began in March 2011.