WATCH: Baby Survives After Being Washed Away by Violent Flood

A California family thought they lost everything, including their one-year-old son, after flood waters completely destroyed their home.

Miraculously, their little boy survived.

“We really thought that we lost him,” Ryan Scarcy, the infant’s father said.

According to Scarcy, after the flood came crashing into the house, the baby traveled some 200 feet out of his bedroom into their front yard.

He suffered cuts and bruises, as well as mud and water in his lungs, but is expected to be okay.

“My friend busted in the living room window and came in through here and he pointed out and he’s like ‘Dude, your son’s over there,’ so I turned around and saw him and he peeked his head out of the mud, ran out and picked him up.”

The family may have lost the majority of their material possessions within minutes, but they are grateful their lives are intact.