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Back in 1949, This Buried Alive Stunt Went Terribly Wrong (VIDEO)

Being buried alive is probably one the most horrendous ways for someone to die. It’s a primal fear in anyone we’ve ever talked to about death, and for good reason.
If you were to be buried alive, it would take approximately five and a half hours for you to die of suffocation. That’s a long, drawn out kind of suffering that we would never want to experience. Not to mention, the claustrophobia alone would probably kill us.
Many magicians perform tricks that involve being buried alive, but not all of them are lucky enough to make it back up to the surface.
Fortunately, when something went terribly wrong during Alan Alan’s stunt back in 1949, there were rescuers on hand to save him.

Taken from the British Pathe reel “Houdini II Buried Alie”, Alan Alan, a 24-year-old magician from Manchester decides to bury himself alive naked in a grave and then attempt to escape. He does this to celebrate the anniversary of the death of famous escape artist Houdini.
However, something goes wrong and rescuers battle to dig him out before it is too late.The clip features an awfully tense moment in which the men must abandon spades in fear of digging into Alan (who has chosen to bury himself alive naked) and they start scooping fistfuls of soil out with their hands.

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