Back in the Day, There Was a Barbie Doll That Grew Boobs

barbie doll

Yes, you read that correctly. Back in 1964, Mattel introduced Skipper. She was Barbie’s kid sister. Fast forward 10 years and, as it turns out, Skipper needed to keep up with the times. So what did Mattel do? They decided to let her hit puberty and grow some boobs, as well as grow an inch taller.

This is how it worked: By rotating her left arm, her rubber chest would inflate and her torso would lengthen.

If kids wanted to make her boobs disappear, all they had to do was turn the arm back the other way.


As you can imagine, about a year later, Skipper turned into a huge controversy.

Check out the video below to see how the anatomically morphing Skipper doll worked.