SURVEY: Half of Married Women Have a ‘Backup Husband,’ Just in Case

When it comes to their relationships, some women like to be prepared for anything, to a fault even. Now we know, thanks to a new study vindicating the suspicions of jealous husbands everywhere.

According to a survey by the Daily Mail of 1000 married women, roughly half of them admitted that they have a backup husband in mind, in case their marriage should fall apart for whatever reason. It turns out the married women are more prepared for this type of crisis than unmarried women in relationships.

But who are these mysterious backup husbands? George Clooney and Brad Pitt and, for the younger generations, Robert Pattinson? Nope — it turns out that most backup husbands are ex-boyfriends, colleagues or gym buddies.

Another usual suspect is the old friend who’s always had feelings for the woman in question, and maybe even pronounced his undying love once or twice. In short, Joe-Friendzone may have reason to rejoice if his dream girl gets a divorce.

Roughly four out of ten women said their plan B was a man they’d come to know before meeting their husbands. One in five said they were confident the backup would “drop everything for her.”

Strangely enough, about half of those women with backup husbands said their current partner was aware of this other party — some of them even joked about it together, while one in three said their man was uncomfortable discussing such a prospect.

The good news is that one in three of these ultra-prepared wives said they doubted anything would ever happen with the other man, which seems like cold comfort for the thousands of worrisome, envious husbands out there. But… hooray?

For more information on the poll, check out the Daily Mail piece.