WATCH: Hilariously Annoyed Professor Loses His S*** Over Student’s Email

You would think that at the college level, a student would know the basics of emailing a professor about his absenteeism with a bit of finesse.

You know, like refraining from using popular text lingo like ‘LOL’ or a winky face emoji. It’s all fun and cute with your friends, but certainly not with a professor whose class you haven’t even attended for the first two weeks of the school session.

However, that’s just the beginning of the crass manner with which a student tried to communicate with his professor when explaining to him why he had missed class and requesting to be brought up to speed. Understandably the professor was baffled by the nature of the email and went on a video rant explaining everything that was wrong with the situation.

This video may be a bit old, but the many lessons gleaned from it, never will be.

Check it out above.