READ: Restaurant Owner Goes Psycho-Stalker on Bad Yelp Reviewer

If you’re in the service industry, you need to develop a thick skin. Some people are going to complain about your service and products no matter what you do, so all you can do, in the end, is shrug it off and keep on keeping on.

Or you can totally lose it and track down your critics so you can and threaten them with a series of increasingly creepy, personal Facebook messages, as Bac Nguyen, the owner of Ninja City Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, did.

First, Ruchu Tan left a relatively mild-mannered one star Yelp review after a mediocre experience at Ninja City. Click to enlarge:


Most restaurateurs would either ignore the review, or even reach out in hopes of receiving some constructive criticism, but Nguyen instead went straight into psycho-mode:



Since the messages went public, a local group formed online urging diners to boycott Ninja City. Tan said that Nguyen has since apologized for his messages, but he doesn’t intend to go back to Ninja City anytime soon.¬†You can read Nguyen’s lengthy apology here.