Bagel Heads – Japan’s Extreme Bod-Mod Beauty Trend

We love a good breakfast bagel  in the morning. What we don’t love: Bagels in our forehead. Let us explain.

We recently became aware of a hot beauty trend in Japan’s underground body modification scene where women and men get saline injected into their forehead to mimic the look of a bagel. A technician deposits about 400 cc of saline into the forehead to create a blob underneath the skin and then uses his thumb to create an indentation in the swollen area. Voila! In around two hours’ time, you’ve got the bagel look.

The Bagel Head has been considered a hot beauty trend in the country since around 2007– and if we know anything about trends, it’s that they don’t always make sense to everyone. But we’ve still got to wonder where the inspiration for something like this comes from.

Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, one of the style’s pioneers, offered the following explanation to Vice in 2009:  “People who like extreme body modification want to find their own way of doing things, and they’re always looking for new ways to do that. The more progressive the scene gets, the more these people have to experiment and go their own way.”

If you’re wondering, the results aren’t permanent and only last for about 16-24 hours. The forehead reduces back to its normal size after the saline gets absorbed by the body.

Although the forehead look is the most popular, according to Keroppy people have taken different spins on this trend over the years. Some have even had ‘scrotal infusions’ administered on them.

We’ll let you make your own judgments on that.

Check out the following clip from National Geographic, which recently aired an episode documenting the Japanese trend.

Would you sport this look? Let us know what you think of the trend in the comment section below.