Bah Humbug! Christmas Signals Breakup Season

If you think the holidays are a time for lovers to connect and become closer than ever, think again.

We Love Dates, a UK dating site put together an info-graph called “The Anatomy of a Digital Relationship,” that took data from Facebook and showed March and December have the highest number of breakups, with August and September showing the least amount of splits.

More specifically, two weeks before Christmas seems to be the most popular time for many couples to go their separate ways.

What’s the reason? The site guesses with a new year approaching people start to think about their lives and where they want to go. “We decide what things we’d like to bring with us into the New Year, and what things and people are better left in the past. It’s the perfect time to establish a clean slate in regards to our love lives” the site says.

A spokesperson speaking to MSN also reasoned “We are all busier than ever during the month of December, and with a calendar full of family gatherings, work events and friend’s parties,[it may be] possible our relationships get put on the back burner with dire consequences.”

If you are going through a break up during the holidays, take advantage of the extra time around family and friends to get some added support and instead of dwelling on the past, look forward to the new year and all the great possibilities.

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