WATCH: Baltimore Street Collapses After Thunderstorms Attack the City

Although no one was injured, the insane street collapse in Baltimore, Maryland, this past Wednesday sent loads of debris and screams into the air after severe thunderstorms attacked much of the city.

The wall you see collapsing in the video took out lamp posts and a handful of cars, dragging them down to a pit where the railroad tracks lie. Cars and mud also tumbled 75 feet onto the CSX railroad below, postponing its services.

Residents of the Charles Village Homes Community, located on 26th Street where the street collapsed, were forced to evacuate their homes due to possible instability of the structure.

The assessment currently determining whether full on-construction is needed to re-stabilize the residential site is predicted to take about 8-10 days.

Due to the inconvenience this poses for residents who are potentially out of a home for 40 days, the city might not only pay for hotels and food, but also a shelter for misplaced pets. In addition to ensuring the stability of local residential sites, BGE crews are also checking to make sure none of the underground gas lines have been ruptured.