Accused Bank Robber Says Virgin Mary Told Him to Eat His Feces in Court

Andrew Gilbertson pleaded not guilty after he allegedly robbed a bank in San Luis Obispo. The reason he provided for his innocence — insanity.

When the 40-year-old got on the stand, it quickly became apparent that he is a bit insane. He began a tirade that resulted in him eating his own feces. Proceedings were quickly halted and the judge called for a recess. When all was said and done, he blamed the Virgin Mary for telling him to do it.

The following is a full report on the crazy incident.

According to the Huffington Post, Gilbertson committed the robbery in 2013 when he “disguised himself by wearing a hat and a pink child’s glibertson backpack robberybackpack. He slipped a note to bank tellers demanding cash and he was quickly nabbed by police.

He claimed that the Virgin Mary was the one who inspired his disguise. Thus, it can be concluded that this dude has a pretty strange and twisted relationship with her.

Following the craziness that ensued in the court room, an mental health expert confirmed that Gilbertson hears voices in his head on a regular basis.