Bank Robber Caught After Stopping to Bum a Smoke During Escape, Gets 10 Years Hard Time

Drug addicts have been known to get themselves into some interesting predicaments while trying to pull off a crime.

Take this guy for example, for some reason he stopped to bum a cigarette off a construction worker while trying to evade police after robbing a bank in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Who does that? We mean robbing a bank… not bumming a smoke.

During the robbery, he allegedly handed a teller a note that said, “This is a robbery. No dye packs. No alarms.” He also made a sincere effort to apologize to the teller, explaining that he was an unarmed addict and that he wasn’t there to hurt anyone.

While fleeing through an alleyway, Paul Carman, 38, came across some construction workers and decided to stop and ask one of the guys for the tiny favor. When the construction worker mentioned that police were looking for someone who matched his description, he immediately took off both his shirt and hat and disposed of them in a nearby dumpster.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he will now be heading to federal prison for an entire decade for his dim-witted choices. He was sentenced on Wednesday following a request to have U.S. District Judge Gustave Diamond grant him some leniency.

Carman’s lawyer pleaded that he not be punished too severely due to his substance abuse issues, which began after his father was murdered when he was only six-years-old.

But this wasn’t the first time Carman, who is a lifelong alcoholic and heroin user, robbed a bank. Back in 2008, he did a stint in prison for holding up another one in Ambridge.

Despite enrolling in a substance abuse program after getting out of prison, he ended up relapsing and landed back on the streets.