Barack and Michelle Obama Smooch for “Kiss Cam” During Olympic Basketball Game

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, it’s hard to deny that our current president is one fun guy. From poking jokes at himself to belting out part of an Al Green song, President Obama knows how to put on an enjoyable show.

That’s exactly what he did on Monday at the Olympics basketball game between the US and Brazil. The president and wife Michelle Obama were (not surprisingly) located by the arena’s “Kiss Cam” during the first half. People in the audience roared and cheered as Obama leaned in for a kiss, but the first lady did not oblige. She turned down the pres!

Later on however, the people in the audience (and the president) got what they wanted when the Kiss Cam turned back on the couple during the last quarter. President Obama put his arm around his wife and planted a big smooch on her.

Smooth move, Mr. President!
Check out the sweet moment here.

Image: Landov