Alien-Like Creature Discovered Near Dead Sperm Whale

Reddit user jkgardner recently posted a few pictures of this alien-like creature that was found near a dead sperm whale. But, what the hell is it?

Apparently, it’s known as a Melanostomias bartonbeani, or a barbeled dragonfish.

These little guys live in meopelagic to bathypelagic waters, which are found at depths of about 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface. Like many deep-sea fish, this fierce predator is capable of producing its own light and comes equipped with long fang-like teeth to devour its prey.

Sperm whales are typically known to dive as deep as 3,280 feet, but it must have picked up this hitchhiker somewhere along the way before dying. 

Check out this video below of the dragonfish and other strange sea creatures.