Barbie Makes Iconic Comeback With Best Ad Ever

Barbie is a controversial figure. To some she is a symbol of female empowerment, to others a fashion icon reflecting the social and political issues of her times, and there are many who think she reinforces gender stereotypes and an unrealistic body image.

Wherever you land in that line of consumers, the truth is that Barbie sales have fallen. Toymaker Mattel introduced the doll in 1959, and for many years she was the company’s best selling product until sales began to decline in 2011; sales even fell by a staggering 14 percent just in 2014.

Now Mattel has brought back branding expert Richard Dickson (Chief Brands Officer, President and COO), who was responsible for a mini Barbie-comeback in the 1990s, to try and refresh her once more. His team has created a really clever and fun campaign called “Imagine the Possibilities” and it could very well revitalize how people see this iconic character. In the video above, hidden cameras capture real people’s reactions to girls imagining everything they might one day become. It’s super sweet, will cause a smile, and may even get you to tear up a little.

According to Bloomberg Business, Dickson “revitalized the 50-year-old, iconic brand and drove an epic turnaround for its business, which spans toys, entertainment, digital/online, retail and more than 45 different consumer products categories worldwide. He revitalized the brand through a new brand identity, innovative product, designer collaborations, break-frame marketing, global events and retail development, including the brand’s first-ever award winning flagship store in Shanghai.”

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