Barneys Teams with Disney & Fashion Icons for Holiday Window Display

During the winter holidays, numerous department stores decorate their window displays with great fanfare, but  Barneys New York is tops– and this year is no exception. Today the company’s Madison Avenue flagship store unveiled their collaboration with Disney, which includes an animated short titled “Electric Holiday” that will be looped on LED tiles that cover the two-story ground-floor facade.

The concept is this:

Minnie embarks on a fantastical fashion adventure in Paris, where she walks the runway in Lanvin and rubs elbows with fashion-world figures like Linda Evangelista, Daphne Guinness, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga and many more. If you ask us, it’s the perfect combination of wit, fantasy and style with which to ring in the holidays!

If you follow Disney news, you may recall that some art– showing thin versions of Minnie, Mickey, Daisy Duck, and Goofy– caused quite a stir a few months back. Now it all makes more sense knowing that this wasn’t a redesign for the characters, but images from a dream sequence fashion show.

“Disney came up on a very short list of dreams — thinking about if we could do anything, what would we do?” said Mark Lee, Barneys CEO. “They represent magic and Barneys New York holiday needs to be part magic and part surprise.”

According to Women’s Wear Daily, all the celebrity and fashion participants, “a group not known for its small egos,” signed away their rights to final approval for how they would look in the project. That meant noses, waistlines and everything in between could not be changed once it was animated. And most participants didn’t see the final result until it premiered.

“We were unable and unwilling to give approval,” said Lee.

Lady Gaga, for one, seems to have been thrilled by the result. She tweeted the following this morning. Watch the larger version of the video above.