Barry Manilow ‘Marries’ Longtime Partner

The National Enquirer is reporting that iconic singer / songwriter, Barry Manilow, has finally married his longtime partner of 30 years, Garry Kief — sort of. Here’s how events unfolded.

Guests were invited to the couple’s multi-million dollar mansion in Palm Springs, California. They believed they were attending a lunch, but it turned out to be a wedding ceremony. Longtime friend and Palm Springs neighbor Suzanne Somers was the “best man,” while Manilow’s assistant Marc Hulett — who has been with the 71-year-old singer since the 1980s – performed the commitment ceremony.

However, even though gay marriage is now legal in the state of California, the two didn’t go so far as filing the paperwork. Why was that?barry-manilow-gary-wedding_558

Manilow has sold more than 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the greatest artists of all time, and he still attracts huge crowds for his concerts. A source said that Manilow was worried the news would leak.

Barry is paranoid that his fans would not approve of him being gay, when in reality, many have suspected it for years – and most wouldn’t care. They would be happy for him!

This quote is somewhat contrary to People magazine’s report. The magazine confirmed the news (though they say only 20-30 people attended the ceremony), and add that the couple wears wedding bands. A source there is quoted as saying they, “are committed to one another and have been for a very long time.”

Regarding the assumption that Manilow is worried fans will learn about his sexual orientation, People quotes a source who said:

He’s at a point now where he’s got his career and personal life in a great place and he really doesn’t care what people think. He’s in love and happy.

Kief has been seen in Manilow’s life for many years, but mostly in an official capacity as Manilow’s manager and the president of Barry Manilow Productions. According to the story, the 66-year-old was married to a woman years ago and has a daughter, but he left his wife to be with the singer. Manilow was also married once when he was just past his teens, to high school sweetheart Susan Deixler. They married in a civil ceremony followed by a Jewish wedding in front of a Rabbi, but divorced less than a year later. Manilow was 21, and the wedding was annulled.

Manilow’s representative is not commenting on the nuptials.