WATCH: Bartender Accidentally Sets Man’s Face on Fire with Flaming Shot

We happen to love a fun shot and enjoy the occasional night out when we experiment with different drinks we haven’t had before.

Usually, the worst consequence we suffer from such an outing is sending a couple of drunk texts to an ex and a terrible hangover the morning after. For one unlucky Lithuanian bar-goer however, the cost was much higher.

The LiveLeak video featured above shows a man excitedly waiting for a shot called a ‘Flaming Lambourghini’ as the bartender set the combination of Kahlua and Sambuca on fire, per the instructions.

However, the man’s anticipation turned into panic when the fire jumped over the drink and landed on his face. You can fast forward to the 38-second mark to see it happen in the video above.

According to Gawker, the man was “100 percent sober” when the incident occurred. He was taken to the hospital following the accident, where he was treated for burns to his face and ears and may need plastic surgery, reports

The club owner has visited the man in the hospital and is reportedly committed to paying for his treatment.