Batkid Begins Trailer Is a Tearjerker

Remember Miles Scott, the child with Leukemia whose wish it was to be “the real batman?” If you do, you’ll also remember that in tribute to his bravery in fighting his disease, the Make a Wish Foundation turned San Francisco into Gotham City, complete with damsels in distress for Miles to save.

Not only did Batkid (Miles’s superhero name) start a whole social media frenzy following his super wish, but people volunteered to help make his wish as BIG as it could be. Hundreds of people even flocked to San Francisco to watch it all come together in the end–especially to see Batkid and Batman (the adult Batman who is Mile’s buddy) save people in the batmobile. Sounds like a movie right? Well it is!

Now, Batkid Begins, a film that chronicles the wish and how it happened, comes to theaters June 26. Soon, you can cry your eyes out watching Batkid and Batman on the big screen. For now, check out the trailer with your tissues in hand. In the footage, you’ll not only see Miles get his dream-come-true but you’ll hear testimony from his mom and dad, which is sure to pull at the heartstrings.