WATCH: BBC Presenter Voluntarily Ingests Tapeworm

BBC presenter and actor Michael Mosley has taken it upon himself to ingest as many parasites as possible, in an effort to help doctors study their effects and warning signs. In this short clip, Mosley views the footage of a recently consumed tapeworm latching onto his innards.

The clip isn’t for those with weak stomachs, but Mosley simply laughs at the parasite as it attaches itself to his colon, a mix between disgusted and “actually quite excited,” as he puts it. He may say it’sĀ for the good of science, but we’re convinced he either has a death wish or has some weird thing for worms writhing inside of him.

Whatever the reasons, Mosley’s seemingly-suicidal efforts will be broadcast on BBC4 in the documentary Infested! Life with Parasites, set to air in February. The program will focus on his six weeks spent living with various parasites, like that adorable little tapeworm, captured by a tiny swallowed camera.

Set on infecting himself, Mosley traveled to Kenya to track down an infected cow and–try to keep your lunch down–ingest meat taken from its tongue cysts. In order to ensure his safety, he sought a beef tapeworm, much less dangerous than a typical pork tapeworm, which was cleared by BBC doctors. Truly, he was a man on a mission.

For some background on tapeworms, the little creatures have historically been used as a weight loss technique in Victorian England. Before you go trying the same thing, Mosley, who previously designed his own diet, actually gained two pounds, presumably because the tapeworm encouraged him to eat more.

Instead of being a nifty weight loss tool, it’s more often a difficult to detect, potentially fatal nuisance.

So, just in case this video wasn’t enough to convince you, please, don’t eat a tapeworm.