Don’t Ever Let a Bear Get Trapped in Your Honda Civic

Did you know that bears are capable of manipulating car handles if the doors are left unlocked?

Well, one car owner in in New York learned the hard way.

According to a post from Smokeys Car Detailing in Old Forge, a bear somehow opened up the door of a Honda Civic, climbed inside and then ended up getting trapped, which caused the animal to stress out and thrash around.

Needless to say, the car was mauled. The interior was completely in shambles.

The interior consoles were destroyed, the roof was clawed through and the doors had been scratched to pieces

The bear most likely entered the vehicle in a more daring search for something scrumptious to eat, but it seriously looks as if police used wrecking bars to dismantle this car while looking for contraband.

Unfortunately, the owner’s insurance company probably won’t cover the destroyed car.

So, what’s the lesson learned here? Don’t leave your car door unlocked.

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