WATCH: California Bear Sneaks Into Backyard Pool to Escape Heat Wave

It’s hot in Southern California right now. How hot is it, you may ask? It’s so hot that we might as well be in Arizona.

While us humans are beating the heat by staying inside with our air conditioners blasting, the black bears in the California woods aren’t quite so lucky. They’re stuck outside roasting underneath a thick coat of dark hair.

Luckily, one bear living in the Sierra Madres found a way to beat the heat — by borrowing the backyard pool of a few nearby residents to take a dip. After all, the humans didn’t seem to be using it. But they were sure to capture the bear on camera as he swims a lap or two.

The bear was caught on video for most of his swim, which lasted 15 minutes, before he continued into the woods, heading south, likely in hopes of finding a bigger, cooler pool.

Watch the adorable video below.