WATCH: Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and Friends Get Road Rage, Beat Up Another Driver

We’ve found a new level of crazy in this dashcam video, even by Russian standards.

The video starts out pretty plain, with two guys in the car jabbering on in Russian, probably about vodka and Putin or something. But it isn’t long before the two cars ahead of them pull to a stop. Then, the two gentlemen and their dashcam are witness to a road rage scuffle.

But it isn’t a normal road rage incident, as it happens to involve Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, Bugs Bunny, and even Scrat from Ice Age. And boy, are they mad. Mad enough, in fact, to collectively beat the snot out of another motorist before driving off.

The two men behind the dashcam can’t help but laugh hysterically as this surreal scene unfolds before their eyes. With good reason too, as it is an occurrence so strange, you can’t help but laugh. There must be a story behind this somewhere, but we may never know what it is.

Watch the video above.