(PHOTOS) The Eerily Beautiful Ghost Town That Was Devoured by the Desert

The town of Kolmanskop, in southern Namibia, was once home to hundreds of German diamond miners. After the mine ran dry, everyone scattered, leaving behind an abandoned desert oasis.

As you can probably imagine, over time, nature ran its course — covering everything in sand.

Relentless winds and the harsh environment turned this once thriving settlement into a ghost town. Today, people come from all over the world to photograph the remnants of the buildings and the effects of the powerful forces of Mother Nature.

One day, this entire place may be hidden from view by the dunes. So, if you don’t want to miss your opportunity to see this eerily beautiful ghost town in person, you better go now. In the meantime, you can scroll through the amazing photos of this beautiful ghost town in our slide show above.

Images: Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés

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