These Beautiful Spiders Will Change the Way You See the Creepy Crawlies

Spiders tend to be a very polarizing insect.

You either love them are straight up terrified of them. As far as our experience goes, most people are of the latter variety. We’ve seen grown adults – and we may or may not be talking about ourselves right now — turn into squeamish little babies at just the sight of the multi-legged arachnids.

As terrifying as they can be however, with over 43,000 species of spiders worldwide, it isn’t a surprise that some of the spiders that exist today are beautiful to look at.

The slideshow above perfectly illustrates that point with a variety of gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful versions of the web-weaving insects, photographed by Nicky Bay.

Scroll through and judge for yourself. Let us know if you see spiders a little differently after viewing the list.