Beauty Over Breasts: Eye-Tracking Heatmaps Show What Really Catches Your Eye

Men are notorious for have wandering eyes, but it’s hard to say where people are really looking — until now, of course. Thanks to revolutionary eye-tracking technology we can now see exactly where our wandering eyes stray in everyday life.

The resulting eye-tracking heatmaps, as published in Business Insider, reveal some interesting tendencies in human behavior. A few of our favorite examples below:

fat christians

The people’s eyes are firmly “up here” in this Dolce & Gabbana ad featuring Scarlett Johansson. But this is for men and women. Let’s see what happens when you isolate the sexes on a similarly sexually charged photo:


Women focus on the face and torso mostly…


While men tend to look at the crotch a bit more.


No one looks at banner ads on websites.

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On The New York Times website, people tend to look at images and special text boxes.


People only look at the first five Google search results.

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