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Flawless Makeup in 5 Minutes

If you’re like most women, you got your makeup tips from your mom, older sister, or friends. After the blue eye shadow tragedy of the ’80s, some of you may even have taken the plunge and gotten a personal makeup consultation from the cosmetics counter women at the mall.

Unfortunately, there always seems to be something a little “off” about your makeup, something that prevents you from achieving that flawless look models and celebs manage to master effortlessly. Maybe your blush application leaves you looking like a clown in training, or your “cat eyes” liquid mascara application gets you mistaken for a drag queen.

Well, no longer! A flawless makeup look can be yours, and it can be taught in as little as five minutes. This short video from The Sarah James Show demonstrates how you can do a flawless makeup application that leaves you glowing, just like the celebs. It’s a little old but that doesn’t matter to us. It’s a perfect lesson plan for any mother, student, or otherwise busy woman on the go!


Okay, so here’s a story from the past that got us fired up: Morroccon TV Apologizes for Showing Women How to Cover Domestic Violence Bruises.

Yeah, that was a thing. Check out the full story in the link above. It’s insane.

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