Hot New Beauty Trend — Hair Extension Rentals

When beauty trends emerge they often come from places like New York or Los Angeles, so it’s no surprise that the hottest new hair treatment has come from a star-studded salon in Beverly Hills, California.

The Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills has launched a rental service for clip-on hair extensions. That’s right — rent! Where a normal clip-on service can average around $250, this new procedure is only $75, and includes a self-addressed stamped envelope for easy returns. How did this come about?

“Extensions are a great way to make a statement, without requiring permanent changes, but they are still costly,” says celebrity stylist Nelson Chan, whose studio performs the service. “Spending around $250 to wear them for one evening is challenging for many budgets, so I thought a rental service would be a great option, but also allow someone to try more than one look during the course of a few months.”

These clip-on extensions are made of 100% human hair and the customer receives 30 extensions.

There are other temporary extension products on the market — such as over-the-counter clip-on, monofilament strands, or tape-on extensions like the ones in the video below. However, the Nelson J. Salon offers a full service treatment that one can’t normally achieve at home, and in some cases for the same price. For example, this clip-on pair from Zappos is $74.99, but the $75 service at Nelson J. Salon includes styling/blow out and extension application, plus a 7 days of rental. Those extensions must be returned to the salon within 7 calendar days in order to avoid being charged a penalty, which is the full value of the extensions. If you only want to rent the extensions and do the styling and blow out or extension application yourself, the fee is $40; this also includes rental for 7 days plus the S.A.S.E.

Hair Extension Rentals

Sanitized for Your Protection

Chan has paid particular attention to cleaning, care, and safety. Returned rented extensions are washed thoroughly with deep cleansing shampoo, then and sanitize them in Barbicide sanitizing fluid. They are then dried neatly using a dryer.

So far the response has been great, mostly surrounding event times of year — such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or awards season, when women wanted to look their best but not necessarily pay the big expense. The salon is currently focusing on bridal, graduation and prom for the hair extension rental service.

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