Ren Ri’s Geometrical Beehive Scupltures Encapsulate the Wonders of Nature

Nature is the world’s greatest artist.

If you were to simply set your gaze on how perfect a wildflower blooms or the symmetry of a snowflake beneath a microscope, you would realize that nothing can compare to the flair of Mother Nature.

Although honeycombs have been admired for millennia for their geometrical patterns, artist and beekeeper Ren Ri has found a way to take what would be traditional beehives and transformed them into out-of-this-world sculptures.

For the most part, he allows nature to run its course, but adds a touch of spontaneity to the process for good measure.

The Beijing-basedartist first constructs transparent cubes and polyhedrons using an inner framework of wooden rods, then places the queen in the center. After he introduces the remainder of the hive, the sculpture is rotated on every seventh day based on the roll of a die, which is meant to reference the biblical notion of creation.

When this random element is thrown into the mix, it changes the effect gravity has on the beehive, causing the bees, which are already known for their engineering prowess, to build in various directions.

Following a few years of observing how beehives function, Ri was able to develop this strategy of turning them into beautiful, semi-calculated sculptures.

Check out more photos over on his Ren Ri’s website.