INFOGRAPHIC: Does Your State Drink More Beer or Wine?

Asking any typical drinking adult to choose between beer and wine is like asking a parent to choose between their children. Although many of us wouldn’t quite be able to decide between sudsy hops and smooth fermented grape juice, data is nice and decisive.

The Beer Institute website collected enough data to allow to create this map of how each US state stacks up on beer and wine consumption. They normalized the per capita data of beer and wine consumption in each state against the national averages to create the scale of the map below.

SignificantDigits summarizes some of the data:

Washington DC tops the wine charts with per capita wine consumption that’s 2.85 times the national average.

New Hampshire tops beer charts with per capita beer consumption at 1.57 times the national average. Its wine consumption is also at 2.09 times national average (second in the nation) making it the booziest state in the US.

Arizona tracks the national average very closely in both wine (1.06x) and beer (1.03x).

Utah is the least boozy state (yay mormons!) clocking in at 0.6 and 0.35 times the national average in beer and wine respectively.

For more information on international trends in beer and wine consumption, click here.