Ben Affleck Asked to Direct Justice League Movie

Daredevil, meet The Justice League of America.

Daily Variety reports that actor / director Ben Affleck is being eyed to helm the super hero feature film Justice League for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.. This film would be DC Comics’ answer to Marvel’s Avengers, a team-based super hero film with many familiar faces from Saturday morning cartoons and live action series, including Batman and Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Justice League cast photo(For the non-nerds in the audience, Affleck played the lead role in Marvel Comics’ movie Daredevil, while the Justice League of America comes from Marvel’s chief competitor, DC.)

Justice League is slated to be a major movie for Warner Bros., but with Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan out of the running, the studio turned to Affleck. “Since guiding WB’s The Town to commercial success and critical acclaim from both sides of the camera, Affleck has ascended high on the studio’s list of filmmakers who can be trusted with prime properties,” the article states. “Thus far, Affleck is the only candidate who’s been sent Will Beall’s Justice League script, which the Gangster Squad scribe was hired to write last summer.”

The article also states that Affleck has made it clear he’s only interested in directing films in which he also stars, but which super suit he would don remains to be seen. At the moment, there’s also no word whether or not Green Lantern is in the script and, if so, would actor Ryan Reynolds slip the emerald ring on once more. The same can be said for Henry Cavill, who will star as Superman in next summer’s Man of Steel. for this film (or if the character is even in the script) of his own.

There’s plenty of time to imagine the possibilities, however. Justice League probably won’t be ready for release until summer 2015, which could put it up right against Marvel’s Avengers 2– which in Hollywood terms, really would be the ultimate super hero showdown.

DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Affleck’s reps declined Variety’s request for a comment.