HEARTWARMING: Bengal’s Player Gives Pre-Surgery Pep Talk to Daughter with Cancer

Devon Still, a defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals has put his NFL dreams on hold while he cares for his sick four-year-old daughter, Leah, who was diagnosed with pediatric cancer earlier this year.

Recently Still posted a heartwarming video to Instagram while he readied Leah for a surgery and gave her a pep talk as they drove to the hospital.

Even though Still must be nervous for his little girl’s surgery, it is touching to see him maintain a positive spirit for the sake of his daughter. In the adorable moment between the two, Still asks Leah if she’s ready for the day and ready to get rid of the cancer. The two share a fist-bump with the camera. “Let’s do it,” said Still.

Watch the pep talk in the video below.