Best Animal Videos of 2013!

There are few things in this world that move the heart (and our smiling muscles) more than videos of pets doing cute and amazing things. In an effort to make your day, we’ve compiled the very best pet videos of 2013:

Elephant Thrilled to See the Ocean for the First Time

In one of the most unique moments in history, a beautiful baby elephant was captured romping in the sea — full of joy and enthusiasm when he saw the ocean for the very first time. It’s nearly impossible not to be inspired when you view this masterpiece.

Dog Takes Care of Abandoned Children

Be amazed when you witness a dutiful pup serve as guardian to abandoned children in Africa. Do you believe in angels? If not, this video may make you reconsider.

Determined Kitten Loves Warm Baths

The old adage “he’s one strange cat” applies to this cutie who absolutely adores water, especially when it’s nice and warm. This video was so compelling to our audience that many came back time and time again to watch it.

The Cutest Hedgehog Video You’ll Ever See

We’re not quite sure if this lil’ hedgehog is happy to be in the water, but this video proves that these prickly troublemakers are amazingly cute! Watch him float like a pro — and take notice — his tiny nose is kissable.

Cat Spooked by Monster Windshield Wiper

Yikes! Windshield wipers can be frightening for unsuspecting cats. Get a good laugh at this fur-ball as he jumps out of his socks.

Elephant Weeps After Mother Rejects Him

Be prepared to shed a few tears when you click the play button. You’ll see proof that human beings aren’t the only species to feel emotions deeply.

Chino the Monkey Wants Leaves Crushed ASAP!

This intelligent monkey knows exactly what he wants this man to do. Who knew these little creatures could be so demanding?

The Guiltiest Dog in the World

This pup’s guilt is so obvious it’s written all over his face. You’ll laugh super hard when you watch this one!

Singing Dog Gets Emotional

What could possibly make this big guy so emotional? More proof that animals have deep feelings too.

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